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ParkPPP Blog is Rebooting!

Over the past year we have been pretty deeply immersed in some new business launches.  Over the coming weeks, I will spend some time outlining the opportunities we saw and how we believe these new offerings will support public recreation agencies.

In addition to a lot of new content and news, expect a new look at this site soon.  We have already revamped our recreation partnership services website and have a lot more exciting changes in the works.

By the way, if you will be at the NRPA conference in September 2018 in Indianapolis, come by booth 2512 and say hi.

Comment Apology

Last night when I migrated servers on the site, a bunch of unmoderated comments popped up that had somehow been invisible to me. I am sorry, they have all been accepted. Hopefully whatever was causing the problem was fixed in the update.