Month: April 2015

Our Company Has Four Campgrounds on Sunset Magazines Best of the West List

Sunset Magazine just had its annual “Best Campgrounds of the West” issue and we have four of the campgrounds we operate on the list — pretty good considering we only operate in two of the four regions they cover (we operate 4 of the 54 campgrounds they recognize in CA, AZ, and NM).

On the list were Sabrina (CA), Big Pine Creek (CA), Cave Springs (AZ) and Sleepy Grass (NM).  We always love getting positive feedback, of course, but are particularly thrilled in this case since the frequent criticism of private operation of public campgrounds is that private companies will somehow ruin the recreation areas for profit.  Exactly how we would make money by destroying the natural beauty which draws paying visitors to these parks is never explained.  But it is good to have confirmation that we private operators are doing a good job.

I have our trade group counting up the total number of privately-operated public recreation areas on the list and I will post the number here when I have it.

Applied Underwriters Review

A week or two ago at another blog I posted my review and very negative experiences with Applied Underwriters.  Since that time, Applied Underwriters has responded by threatening me with lawsuits to try to get me to remove these reviews from the internet.

All their lawyers’s actions have done is convince me that it is more important than ever that other business people get good information about what they are getting into before signing up with Applied Underwriters.

To that end, if you are considering workers compensation providers, please see my Applied Underwriters Insurance review here.