In the News

I have an interview up in Parks and Recreation Magazine this month.  You can see it online here.  There are also several folks interviewed in opposition, which is fair enough.  As usual, those in opposition were allowed to react to my specific comments and interview notes, while I was never given a chance to respond to their comments.  Which is why I tend to give long-winded interviews addressing every possible criticism because I seldom if ever get a rebuttal.

The one comment I found both typical and odd was the one that said that private operation of parks was somehow a “failure” for state agencies.  I get variations of this all the time and to this day simply cannot understand it.  The purpose of state ownership of special lands is discussed here.  I would consider it a failure if public lands were not inexpensively accessible to the public, or if their character was not maintained, or if their facilities were allowed to deteriorate — three things that are all occurring as state parks budgets are cut.  I don’t see how having private employees clean the bathrooms is some sort of failure, particularly when this approach can head off many of the other aforementioned problems.